Sewell Lexus Invited Uptown to a Party

Last Thursday we went to a party but we have no idea why. Emily (Rooms) received quite the invitation – a clear plastic tile – to an “evening celebrating design,” hosted by Sewell Lexus, Jacquelin + Philip Taylor and Carl Sewell, III. So we did what anyone without prior Thursday night plans who was invited to a mystery party would do, we went. Apparently Erin, Sean, Leslie and Chandler had also received the invite and came to the same conclusion.

The event was in a warehouse in the Design District with dinner catered by Dean Fearing, and with Veuve Clicquot and Moët flowing freely. A common theme seemed to connect the guests – mid-20s, from Uptown and no idea why they were invited to the chic soiree. However, no one seemed to mind either. A couple rumors suggested Sewell had picked from a few guest lists of recent events in the area.

IMG_6437 champagne IMG_6432 dessertEveryone donned their best for the mysterious party, sporting the brightest summer looks, but the models who walked among the crowd stood out as they showcased Stanley Korshak’s fall preview. The new IS by Lexus occupied two corners of the room for guests to admire in all its sleekness to match the party. Jeff Mitchell kept the gig alive behind the DJ booth and guests took turns at the photo both setup by Mirmir.

IMG_6464 sewell-with-the-peeps-edited

In all, it was a great party with lots of bubbles, and chic food and entertainment. A great Thursday night…even if we’re not really sure why. Thanks Sewell, love the new IS!


  1. You are kidding? Each invitation came with a modest card saying present this card and a $50 donation will be made to your choice of one of the 5 charities listed below. Individuals invited were members or supporters of one of those charities.

    And no one there looked more like a party guest at Tom Buchanan’s house following a polo match than I.

    • Blank Canvas Society

      You are correct, the invitations did include the donation card, which was nice added touch to the party. A theory from one guest we talked to is that Sewell pulled invite lists from recent charity events, so perhaps that is how the invite list came together. None of us seemed to know why we were invited – and many others we spoke to seemed equally confused. Regardless, we had a great time and enjoyed the party! Hope you did too!

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