Montana – The Last Best Place (Part 2 of 2)

Glacier National Park led Friday’s “kid’s” activities when we started the day with a helicopter ride over the park.


Continued from Montana – The Last Best Place (Part 1 of 2)

If you have the opportunity to take a chopper, do it. There is no better way to see such an expansive area of the park and hear about its history and the lay of the land. Back on the ground we drove through the park and hiked Avalanche Pass. The 5-mile round trip hike along running water and the occasional small waterfall opens into a grand clearing on Avalanche Lake with mountain views of the waterfalls that feed into the ground below. Crowds were lingering in the water or on the beach to bathe in the sunlight. After our hike we stopped for lunch at Lake McDonald Lodge in the park and enjoyed huckleberry lager, margaritas and cream soda.

On Saturday afternoon the girls and I took our first Boga Yoga class with Sarah from Montana Adventure Sports. I’ve been anxious to try one of the classes offered in Dallas but figured I ought to start off with the best possible scenery to find my chi. None of us knew what to expect but all have taken yoga or do so on a regular basis, but it didn’t matter – the class was paced in a way that we all were able to flex our personal strengths while still enjoying the atmosphere.

IMG_6280IMG_6330 IMG_6340Saturday night included dinner at Showthyme for the second time, before Johnny, Joey, Elizabeth, Chris and I hit the town for our final night. After visiting The Garden Bar a few times earlier in the week, we hit up the Tiki Bar at the Marina Cay and were met with a hopping band and crowd to match. We made the night last as long as possible, with a stop back at The Garden Bar for one last time, but inevitably we had to go home to leave the next day.

IMG_6399 IMG_6397
On the way back to the Kalispell airport on Sunday we made one last necessary stop at Echo Lake Cafe for eggs benedict and coffee. I had been told this was the best eggs benedict and I must admit that I was slightly skeptical. After all, Dallas does brunch in a big way. But they were right. This was the most basic and classic eggs benedict (there were other “fancy twists” but I’m a traditionalist), and it was fantastic. The secret is definitely in the hollandaise.

Alas, it was time to leave “The Last Best Place” and a wonderful (almost) week with a great group of travelers. Montana, you will be missed. Thank goodness for huckleberry jam.


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