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The Skinny on Workout Clothes

I’m now on the Lululemon bandwagon but admittedly it took me some time. I knew the stuff was good but it comes with a tag to match. My final kicker to purchase the high-fashion (and awesome quality) workout digs was when some shorts and sports bras were leaving rub marks on my body after long runs (5+ miles). Not comfortable and not cute. So should you give in and buy the touted stuff? That all depends…

If your workout/clothing budget is somewhat tight and/or your workouts aren’t “intense” or you wouldn’t consider yourself very athletic, the answer is most likely no. That being said, I recommend the sports bras for all ladies because they are sized by number rather than small-large and are designed by needed support, meaning you’re going to get a more accurate fit. Additionally, all come with removable pads that are thick enough for coverage but thin enough to not feel like you’re sports bra has been stuffed, and the fabric won’t rub in the wrong places.

ALL of Lululemon’s clothing are great but again, may not be for you. I’ve listed my favorite items below but when I’m not wearing Lululemon, I balance my fit wardrobe (and my budget) with GapFit. Gap has done a great job offering stylish pieces in quality fabric and a good fit, along with a friendly price tag.

And you can’t go wrong with some of the favorites such as Nike or New Balance, but these items can easily get pricey too. Check stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Nordstrom Rack to really balance out your fitness wardrobe.

Finally, let’s talk about what’s underneath those crop pants – whatever tag is sewn into them. I’ve tried seamless thongs from Lululemon, Victoria Secret (VSX Sport) and Commando, and my assessment is such: for the value, stick to the VSX to buy in bulk and wear during your next yoga sesh; but Commando is definitely best for that little dress…which you will want to show off after those sweat-worthy workouts.

Whatever your workout style, find a fit for you and your budget!

Lululemon favorites: 1. Energy Bra (especially for long runs) / 2. Run Speed Short / 3. Track and Train Tank (for running or tennis) / 4. Wunder Unders for yoga or cross-training (City Surf) / 5. Light as Air Thong

Alternatives: 6. VS No-Show Thong Sport Panty / 7. Commando Cotton Thong / 8. GapFit gFast capris / 9. New Balance Momentum Short / 10. Nike G87 Women’s Training Tank Top / 11. GapFit Motion long-sleeve T / 12. GapFit breather heathered racer cami

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