Pencil It In…Get Organized with a Planner

I’m often challenged with, “How do you have time for all that?” or “How do you keep up with everything?”

Yes, I’m busy – between my day job, teaching at City Surf, volunteering, tennis, my blog, and a slew of other activities, my schedule is a bit hectic. I’m not suggesting you pack your schedule as full as mine (if you’re wondering, yoga is when I relax, or a good trip out to east Texas or other weekend getaway) but you likely also have a busy life that might need one key thing to stay better organized…a planner. Yes, that’s right – a good ol’ fashioned, pencil-it-in, planner.

I carry mine everywhere (I’ve sometimes considered carrying something other than a clutch to accommodate it). It goes to meetings, to the grocery store, always on trips, etc. It has my life in it.

However, I can’t take credit for this ingenious, oh-so-simple idea. Two of my good friends have been super organized since our college days (likely before that), both are my inspiration on being organized, and they both are on the planner method. Lenzi introduced me to the myAgenda and Stephanie introduced me to Erin Condren – two of my favorite choices.

Currently I’m using myAgenda Mini, by momAgenda, and I love the size and weight, month at-a-glance option, and the room for weekly and daily lists. It’s also got a removable address book at the back and dedicated sections for notes on books, movies, vacation and party planning, etc., plus some blank note pages for other needs. I write everything in my planner – my work deadlines and projects, my out of town dates, birthday parties, wedding/baby shower gifts I need to purchase, who is participating in our tennis group for the month…everything.

2013-2014 life planner -inspire

Most recently I used Erin Condren’s planner and liked it for many of the same reasons, but it also has tabbed pages, colorful details, and dedicated “to-do” and “goals” lists. It is a bit larger and heavier, but still fit in most of my handbags. She also offers more customization and it comes with lots of extra “goodies” – like a ruler, stickers and personalized tags.

If you’re considering the planner route to stay organized, I recommend one of the choices mentioned above. I’ve also used Kate Spade planners in the past and been pleased (the version I used doesn’t appear to be available any more), and I follow Brittany Fuson on Instagram and love her uber-girly yet sophisticated hand-drawn planners.

So get organized with a planner, I promise it makes life easier. Don’t forget to carry a few pencils around! (And enjoy the looks of amazement you receive when you use something so “vintage!”) Happy planning…

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