Sissy’s Charms Us Again: Brunch

Well shut my mouth. Lisa Garza has charmed us again, and this time she’s serving up her Spode china with her famous southern-friend chicken adorned with none other than a waffle, honey butter, and real maple syrup thick as molasses. That’s right y’all, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen will begin serving brunch this Saturday. And I’m here to tell you that she has outdone herself.

Brunch will be served on Saturdays only for the time being, but, “I would like to have brunch every day – it’s my favorite,” says Garza. So I anticipate that if all goes as planned, Sundays will be lookin’ mighty fine for brunch as well.

When ordering brunch, we all want to know about the mimosas! However, the list doesn’t stop there. Try a Grapefruit Julep that’s perfectly grapefruit without too much sugar; or perhaps you fancy a Blues on the Bayou with blueberry, mint, tequila and agave for a refreshing flavor? Bottom line, your basics are covered but Sissy’s is serving up some real treats to wash down those post-Friday woes, too.

chicken and waffles
You’re likely familiar with Chicken and Waffles, but you’ve not really lived until you’ve had them with this perfectly seasoned chicken.

photo 3-2 photo 2-4
Sissy’s Benedict is a nice twist on a classic, served on a cornbread muffin with crab cakes and sautéed jalapenos, whereas the Short Rib Hash is a simple upgrade on the cut of meat to add smoky flavors – it’s literally been scraped off the iron skillet!

photo 4-2
The Eggs Sardue is presented with a poached egg atop an artichoke heart, dripping with creamed spinach and hollandaise, and finished with crispy Kentucky ham.

photo 1-4
Chicken and Dumplings are served soup-style with soft doughy dumplings and divine pieces of chicken throughout.

Looking for something more traditional for a country breakfast? The Biscuits and Black Pepper Cream Gravy may be more your style, served with sausage, eggs and potato hash.

You get the idea. So get over to Sissy’s for brunch faster than a duck on a Junebug!

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