Lauren McHenry on Fitness for 2014

Happy New Year! Goals and resolutions are set (or you’re strongly considering them) and now it’s a matter of staying on track. I sat down with Lauren McHenry to learn how she keeps fitness in check throughout the year. No stranger to the subject, McHenry is co-founder and lead trainer of City Surf Fitness.

Blank Canvas and City Surf have paired up for a contest to help you with your own goals with an unlimited month to CSF. Check out the details at the end of the interview!

photo 3BCS: What advice would you offer to someone who doesn’t know where to start with fitness?
LM: Go out and try different options – big gyms and small gyms, like City Surf – find out what makes you happy. You need something that piques your interest and that you are willing to maintain. Focus on your goals and resources and find something that fits.

BCS: City Surf Fitness is a new type of gym. What would you say to someone who is afraid to try something new?
LM: About City Surf specifically, I would say you definitely don’t need to know how to surf, nor will the class teach you how to surf. In general, don’t be afraid to try something new. Failure is ok, it makes us change and move forward, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

BCS: How do you stay motivated?
LM: I was lucky growing up that I didn’t have to do much to maintain my weight, but in my early 20s that started to change. I remember going to the gym for the first time and being so sore afterward but in some weird way loving it. I was seeing results immediately – no longer just skinny, but toned. I find those results and the way it makes me feel, motivating. To see what the right combo of diet and training can do is motivating.

BCS: Other than City Surf, what do you do for fitness?
LM: I get a lot of cardio training when teaching, so I incorporate circuit weight training on my own time. I lift pretty heavy weight, which surprises some people because I’m not “bulky.” It’s such a myth about lifting and bulking up too much. Strength training helps burn more calories and has improved my overall functionality, even silly things like opening a jar. Other than CSF and weights, I do yoga and pilates or another group class, something to change up my routine.

BCS: What’s your favorite cheat meal/guilty pleasure?
LM: Anything sweet. I think all my teeth are sweet. While my diet is pretty regimented during the week, I allow myself one cheat day a week, usually Saturday or Sunday, where I can eat whatever I want all day.

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