Home at the Beach with Fisher’s in Orange Beach

The beach has always been like a second home to me and after moving to Dallas three years ago, I quickly realized that I’m no longer a short drive away to my beloved Gulf Coast. Alas, all of life’s choices come with pros and cons but at time this particular fact can become quite weighty to me, so I jumped at my mom’s suggestion to spend Christmas 2013 at the beach.

Johnny and I spent the weekend before Christmas at my parent’s beachfront condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama, before returning to Dallas to spend Christmas Eve and day with his family. Although the weather could have been slightly better (for the beach, that is – it’s all relative), we enjoyed coffee each morning by the ocean, lunches by the bay, and walks along the beach, amid present opening and Christmas movies.

While we were visiting I was anxious to try Fisher’s, the newest spot at Orange Beach Marina, as I had seen a picture on Instagram from Southern Living. The picture showed an inviting space, and the in-person experience didn’t disappoint. We ventured to the new spot on Saturday night and enjoyed a cocktail on the sofa by the bar while we waited for our table.

Bar Interior
Sitting by the bar, and in fact throughout the entire restaurant, you feel as if you’ve stepped into a southern, upscale coastal home – warm and inviting, polished with soft blues and greens mixed with ivory whites, dark-washed wood, and fixtures reminiscent of a ship’s cabin.

My mom and I each enjoyed the Sea Spray, a gin cocktail with notes of rosemary and grapefruit, finished with a housemade lemon-lime soda. Johnny went with the Intimidator, a house-smoked bourbon with sweet vermouth and bitters; and my dad started off with bourbon, neat.

Once seated, we ordered the Crawfish Beignets, Soup of the Night and the Wedge.

Several of us ordered the Seared Jumbo Scallops, which were adorned with mint, red onions and roasted cauliflower. The surprising flavors blended nicely and were matched with the tender, perfectly buttered scallops.

To complete the delightful experience, we finished off our wine with Chocolate Lava Cake, a light and fluffy cake, housing a white chocolate goat cheese center.

Everything was wonderful and we were all excited for the upscale addition to our home away from home. On our next trip I’m anxious to try the downstairs space, Dockside, Fisher’s more casual concept with its dining room opening right into the marina breezeway and overlooking the bay.

In the event you are in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area, be sure to check out the coast’s newest addition.


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