The Heights of Houston

My goodness where is the year going? A few weeks ago we visited Houston for a long wedding weekend and to catch up with a few friends and suddenly I’m just now writing a post that’s about hit its shelf life. But we visited some places worth sharing, so I wanted to make it a point to write it down.

Dallas and Houston – a tale of two love-hate cities…and honestly, more that they love to hate each other than anything else. But Houston, your Heights won my heart. Perhaps it was the charming architecture and the “neutral ground” splitting some of the major roads that reminded me of dear old NOLA, or maybe it was the quaint cafés and restaurants, but the scenery won my heart…um, or at least opened my mind a lot more.

The trip was for a Thursday night rehearsal dinner, followed by a Friday night wedding, so we took the excuse to extend the long weekend. Johnny’s good friend was the groom and a friend of mine from Baton Rouge lives in the area, so it all worked in our favor with a place to stay. Alyse was quite the hospitable hostess (Alyse – we owe you hummus and other staples from your fridge!), showing us around her neighborhood. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking from here.

On Friday we dropped into Cottonwood for a late lunch. Similar to the Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas, this place is a great beer garden with a Texas cool atmosphere and plenty of taps. We ordered some light share food, including a cheese board that exceeded expectations for a beer house, down to the homemade mustard.


Saturday brunch was at Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar, where I was reminded by some of the menu items that I was just a little bit closer to south Louisiana, with the oysters, gumbo and other Cajun staples (mind you, most of them “with a twist” but still delightful). Add in the specialty cocktails, including the house-infused vegetable vodka (think Bloody Mary), and the shakes that have a whole, yes a whole, piece of cake mixed in, and we almost considered returning for dinner.


For dinner we went to Soma Sushi, which Alyse and Frank (who recently moved back to Houston from Dallas) had never been to before. She had heard about it and seen some photos of various rolls and entrées and everything lived up to the hype. The warehouse feel, open sushi bar and loud music made it a great place for a Saturday night.

Sushi app

In all, it was an excellent trip and reminder that there are other great cities to visit in Texas that aren’t too far from home. Thank you Alyse, Frank, and the Heights – my mind is much more open and I will definitely be back to play again soon!


  1. If you make a return trip you should definitely let me know! I live just off of the Heights running/bike trail (Lauren Simpson & Lauren Johnson King are in the area too, btw) and I always love reading posts about my neighborhood! There are so many cute boutiques and patio bars, and most of my favorite places to brunch are within walking distance. Glad to hear you had a good time…come back to visit soon!

    • Blank Canvas Society

      Will do! It was such a quick trip with wedding events throughout, but I wish I could have been able to visit with more friends! LOVED the neighborhood and glad you’re still enjoying it. Hope all is well! 🙂

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