Greenling and Doorstep Delivery Groceries

I use Uber to travel, I shop the Internet for home goods and clothes, I rent cocktail dresses online and now technology has delivered groceries to my door. And not just any groceries, but organic food sourced from local farms. I’m talking about Greenling and the beauty of online, delivery to your doorstep, grocery shopping.

In addition to fresh produce, dairy, bread and meats, the site offers a selection of pre-packed meal kits and prepared options. As a busy professional on the go, these are some of the things that piqued my interest the most.

So how does this work? Subscription-free, you pick and choose from the site, place your order by 10 a.m. Wednesday, and receive it on your doorstep Thursday the same week. Cold things are packed to stay chilled for several hours, and meal kits are packed together and labeled in a way that’s easy to follow. Instructions and recipes are all included, and the pricing is comparable to, or even cheaper than some, organic/local grocery stores.

I ordered the Spring 2-Meal Kit #3, Greek Stuffed Portobellos with Greens, and the Large Grab & Go Seasonal Fruit Salad. The two person meal kits were generous in portion, and we even split the pasta between three people for dinner on Friday night. Flavor-wise, these dishes were fresh, seasonal ingredients that paired well and packed a punch. The pasta had a good amount of spice to it and the salad dressing was just tangy enough. Each dish incorporated unique items such as beets in the pasta and radishes in the salad, ingredients I enjoy but don’t always buy. (I do buy and cook beets, but had never thought of adding them to pasta!) While I consider myself an able cook, these recipes were very easy to make and it was refreshing to have everything available and portioned correctly. I enjoyed the fruit on a few occasions, but started the weekend with it and a croissant, as I reminisced and blogged about my recent trip.

If you’re looking for dietary needs such as gluten-free, vegetarian or paleo, Greenling has meal kits specific to these selections, and also offers free nutrition resources. The customer service was excellent, and I even received a phone call asking for my feedback on my first order and a reminder that the service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Greenling definitely offers a luxury service at an affordable price, and I would recommend this for the seasoned chef, or for the customer looking for easy-to-follow recipes, complete with the portions and preparation. Either way, you know it’s the good, local stuff!

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