Snap Kitchen – Fast Food, Reimagined

Self-proclaimed as “fast food for foodies,” Snap Kitchen is serving up goodness to go in perfect portions. Starting with the bright colors when you walk in the door, this place is different from the rest.

First, the staff is quick to greet you and explain the company’s philosophies and how to navigate the refrigerators to find what you’re looking for – how the store is laid out by meal time (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and portion size (small, medium or one size). They’ll tell you that it’s locally sourced, how labels include ALL ingredients and which designations on the label indicate various allergies or diet restrictions. Additionally, they offer help to make better choices based on your needs and can customize meal plans. A registered dietician in each market provides further support and guidance for goals – whether it’s weight loss, marathon training, staying healthy during pregnancy or recovering from a vacation.

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Snap touts the fact that meals are chef prepared every day, with fresh ingredients that fit the season. With a seasonal menu, you can currently find things like a Kale and Watermelon Snack or Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas (both of which I’ve had and they were fantastic).

I’m told that if you were to enter the kitchen, that you wouldn’t find any butter. Instead, the chefs cook with grape seed and olive oil. The food also focuses on protein, but not always through large sources of meat – instead, everything is about balance. Cheese is minimal throughout and they never use white flour or refined sugars. Chef creates his own take on popular ingredients, such as mayonnaise, Sriracha or salad dressings, to fit the standards of the brand. But most importantly, the food is good, and I mean really good.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Andrea Hinsdale, Registered Dietician, and Daniel Helfman, Director of Marketing, and they explained that though the food is healthy, they take pride in that fact that they wouldn’t be serving it if it weren’t yummy. It allows for those decadent weekends but means you can still eat well throughout the week. They also indicated that people (particularly males) were often skeptical that they would be full after one of the meals and find that they are pleasantly surprised. I left loaded up with everything I needed the next day for breakfast (pictured: Spinach and Goat Cheese Scramble), snacks and some green power.

The complexity of the store and offerings are incredible – in addition to meals, there are snacks prepared in house, cold pressed juices, desserts and more. Super foods reign and ingredient colors pop out of each dish.

Finally, the price ranges from about $6-10 (a little less for smaller items and a little more for larger items), depending on what you’re getting and a loyalty program rewards you with cash to spend in the store. Uptown is the second of four Dallas locations and growing. So be sure to check it out – you can get it, get out and enjoy a good meal, all in a snap!

Disclaimer: While I did receive some goodies to go when I visited with Andrea and Daniel, I had already been in twice before that (the salad and enchiladas, plus some mac n’ cheese and baked oatmeal) and am quite impressed with the brand!

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