Resto Gastro Bistro – A Must Dine Spot

We’ve been celebrating Johnny’s birthday all week (as we should!) and last night we made it to Resto Gastro Bistro in Trinity Groves to celebrate dinner with the family. I had heard wonderful things already but we were all blown away by the food and overall experience!

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Starting with cocktails all around, the drinks were on point with flavor, offering a variety of choices, depending on your spirit and choice of sweet, smoky, smooth or sour. We paired cocktails with the Charcuterie Plate for Two (which was plenty as a light start for four) and the Crab Cakes & Roasted Artichokes. The charcuterie was beautiful, with amazing cheese and meat selections, and the crab cakes were perfectly bite-sized and light.

Each couple then shared the Pears & Cheese salad, boasting panko crusted and fried blue cheese bites that melted in your mouth and perfectly complimented the pears and candied pecans. The roasted pear vinaigrette was light without overpowering the other ingredients.

For dinner, we all drooled over the menu before finally deciding. I ordered the Oven Roasted Pork Shank and everyone else ordered the Red Chili Honey Cured Filet, and we all agreed that the meal was one of the best each of us had enjoyed that much in quite some time. You must be a pork fan to go with my order (which most friends know I am), but the pork fell of the bone, had thick bits of bacon mixed in with the glaze, was sprinkled with pork rinds and served with lemon polenta. Ah-mazing. The filet was also tender, cooked perfectly, and was served with fried bites of mashed potatoes – a wonderful update on a classic menu item.

As if we haven’t had enough goodies this week, we finished with the Profiteroles and Tiramisu, which was their seasonal item with pumpkin layers. Both were fantastic and the pumpkin was unexpected but worked so well with the flavors.

Don’t wait to try Resto, this place is truly amazing, especially with the perfect fall weather and open atmosphere spilling on to the outside patio. It’s fresh and updated, with fantastic food, dessert, cocktails and wine!

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