Summer Skin All Year-Long

There may be a chill in the air, but I’m still basking in the memory of my recent trip to Maui, where it’s summer all year-long, and some of my island purchases are helping the cause. I’ve decided that despite summer coming to an end, I’m determined to have summer skin throughout the winter. I fell in love with all of the fresh and natural beauty products in Maui, especially after I visited the lavender farm (more on that soon) and saw plenty of other local agriculture.

Lavender Swimsuit2 Coffee Scrub

Rip Curl Retreat Tri Top | Rip Curl Cheeky Brief
‘Ili Ginger Coffee ScrubAli’I Kula Lavender Gardeners Rosemary Salve

For the first time in my life I’ve been suffering from eczema and have been exploring natural options to soothe and cure it. I was drawn to the Lavender Gardeners Salve when I noticed it claims to treat eczema, in addition to cracked and dry skin. Later in the trip, I found the ‘Ili coffee scrub in one of the shops in Paia (which also sold the lavender farm products) and I’ve been contemplating buying a similar product from Australia but opted for the local one in front of me. With the skin products in hand, my missing piece was a bikini. I found this Rip Curl swimsuit and had to have it, even if it means waiting until next summer to wear it.

Since returning home, I’ve been scrubbing with the coffee and slathering on the salve, and have the smoothest skin to show for it. The coffee scrub yields instantly soft and quenched skin, then the salve helps with any extra dry areas. Plus, I’ve noticed immediate results from both products when I’ve had an eczema breakout. The coffee scrub is supposed to help with other spots, cellulite and roughness on your skin and I’ve seen tons of benefits, despite the coffee all over the shower.

With winter approaching, try these skincare products to battle the cold weather and keep your skin glowing in holiday attire, or consider them for a unique and natural beauty gift for someone else.

As for me, I can’t wait to wear that swimsuit next summer!

NOTE: I sized up in both pieces of the bikini, as surfers tend to wear them a little smaller (I would too, if I spent that much time working out in the waves!). The quality of the suit is awesome, with plenty of lining and substance to the material.

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