Cosmetic Travel Essentials

Memorial Day weekend is almost here! And with it, summer travels! Johnny and I are off for San Diego today to catch some California sun.

Last year I wrote about what to pack in a carryon for a long flight and it’s been one of my most read and shared posts. With a shorter flight, I’ll only carry on a good book and some other necessities this trip. I figured I would follow up with a few other travel musts and toiletries.

Photo-2First, I’ve been searching for the perfect cosmetic case – something durable with a fun print that would fit what it needs but lay relatively flat in my suitcase. I’d seen some from Tory Burch I’d liked in the past but hadn’t been able to find the same shape until recently, when she launched some new fun prints.

Next are two items my mom got me hooked on with one of our recent trips; a mini hair dryer by BaByliss and a travel size razor with its own personal case from Venus. This hair dryer folds up into the size of your palm! I use the full size version at home but this mini is super powerful and means you never have to question the dryer situation at your destination. With the razor and case, no more tossing it haphazardly into a bag that you may later regret when digging around for it. This one also fits into your palm and uses the same blades as the full-size Venus.

I almost never leave for a trip without travel size face wipes, body wash and wrinkle release, all of which are easy finds in any travel section of a grocery store. Shampoo, conditioner and face wash are packed into reusable travel cases so I can use my good stuff abroad. Which brings me to the other items…

If you travel often, I recommend paying a little extra and purchasing travel size versions of the things you can’t pack so easily, like dry shampoo. Sephora has a ton of great options and most brands make a travel version, which has totally been worth it for me! I got my favorite dry volumizing dry spray from my hair salon and dry shampoo from Sephora.

Now that you know what to do about toiletries, you just simply have to decide how much clothes and which shoes to bring. (Which is my next project!)

Off I go to finish packing. Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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