A Day at Pike’s Place Market

Pike’s Place Market is just the beginning of Seattle, with local vendors, tastes and sights.

I recently spent a weekend visiting Lauren and Marcelo in Seattle and taking in everything it has to offer. That Friday Lauren and I romped around Pike’s Place, taking in the sights and indulging in the treats. First we started with Greek yogurt from Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt, where you can choose from flavors like ice cream.

Greek Yogurt Yogurt

We had lunch at Matt’s in the Market overlooking the hustle and bustle, with the Puget Sound off in the distance, sharing the Caesar salad with Dungeness crab and mussels. After lunch we walked down to the pier and took a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel where we arguably had one of the best views of the city.

Pike St Press Starbuck'sOn our way back to the market we stumbled across a quaint print shop, Pike St. Press, one of the many examples of charm in the city. We headed back to Pike’s Place, making an obligatory stop in the original Starbuck’s and fighting the extremely well-managed chaos, and sipped our coffee in the nearby park.

RGB Ginger BeerOur final stop in the market was at Rachel’s Ginger Beer where you can pick your ginger beer flavor, as well as choose to add alcohol or select one of their concoctions. Just like everything else in the area, it was fresh, local and offered a unique twist.

If you make it to Seattle, don’t dismiss Pike’s Place purely as a touristy spot; it’s heavy on local brands and flavors and there’s plenty to see, do and taste!

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