Trunk Club Dallas Offers Women’s Styling

It’s not just a boys’ club any more. Trunk Club, known for it’s tailored client services for men’s fashion, is expanding to include women’s styling.

So now you too can skip the mall, stroll into your appointment at Trunk Club, relax with a cocktail, and work with your personal stylist to keep your closet on point. The concept is fantastically simple and makes shopping super easy, while creating an intimate experience. I gave it a whirl with my stylist, Sarah Gretzinger, to see what it was all about.

IMG_8143Your stylist will check in with you a few days before your appointment. Sarah explains, “I’m looking for what you are wearing and what you need your clothes to provide for you.” Easy enough. We go through my sizes, what styles fit me well, what I want to avoid and even which brands fit certain ways. Then Sarah sets off to pull 25 items for my appointment. When I arrived at the Dallas store, located in Deep Ellum across from the Sandbar, I was greeted in the lofty space with smiles and a beverage, adult variety or not, and sank into a comfy chair to chat with Sarah before we started.

Rather than awkward dressing rooms with harsh lighting, you’ll have a private dressing room and service for each item. Love something but wish it was pulled in a little more or the sleeves were a little shorter? No problem, as Trunk Club offers onsite tailoring for everything from hemming to adding the perfect dart.

Want even more personalized service? Stylists can bring the clothes to the comfort of your house with a home visit, complete with all the amenities. And all of this must cost an extra fortune, right? Nope. You simply pay the price for what you purchase, no extra fees for the service or premium pricing schemes.

Sarah pulled a variety of styles for me, ranging from casual jeans and tops, to dresses to wear to wedding parties for my upcoming nuptials. For me it was great to try on a lot of different styles, but I realized that I do need some updated jeans and we’ve discussed a future appointment to simply focus on denim. So you can really make it about what you need, whether it’s updating your wardrobe for the season or finding the perfect outfit for an event.

Dallas has more than 90 stylists in the office, with approximately 15 currently working with women’s fashion. Sarah has four years of women’s experience in styling, management and buying; in addition to the year she’s spent working in men’s fashion at TC. She describes her style as “edgy French school girl,” further explaining that it’s clean, modern and interesting with a bit of roughness, though she clarifies that it’s all Texas girl in the summer. Her style icons are a mix of friends and people she sees every day. “I could probably pick a different girl in this office every day!”

Trunk Club opened its doors in 2009 by Brian Spaly, previous co-founder of Bonobos, and was recently purchased by Nordstrom to expand its personal shopping services. Though held by Nordstrom, TC operates like a small company with localized services. For now, the women’s clothing is handpicked in store and brought to the showroom, but the long-term plan is to have onsite stock like they do with men’s clothes. Even once the locations offers onsite women’s clothes, the partnership will allow stylists access to nearly all of the brands carried by Nordstrom. In addition to Dallas, the Chicago-based company has showrooms in Chicago, LA, New York and D.C. Plus you can work with an online stylist if you don’t live near a store.

Ready to try Trunk Club yourself? Check out the Dallas website, or contact Sarah direct:

headshotSarah Gretzinger
333 1st Ave
Dallas, TX 75226


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