Best Skin & Hair Products

Natura Bissé High Density Lift | Clé de Peau Mask
Moroccan Oil | Kérastase Masque Nutri-Thermique | Clarisonic Mia 2

Next month is a big month with a few big occasions, namely my 30th birthday and wedding, and these events will get a girl thinking about her hair and skin in a way she may not have focused on these things before! Admittedly, as a blonde, hair care has always been a bit of an extra chore, but I go through phases where I pay more or less attention to it and after my engagement I realized I had started to neglect it more than I should have.

Thirty isn’t old, but it’s definitely older and I’m only on an upward trajectory (one hopes), so I’m interested in preserving, moisturizing, and preventing wrinkles and fine lines. It briefly crossed my mind to evaluate injectables, but instead I sought after the best over the counter solution. And so began my new routine to be in the best skin and hair shape for April and beyond.

I was recently introduced to Natura Bissé, which has successfully helped fill in lines, and the moisturizer is simply awesome. I got a handful of samples from the brand that are equally impressive, though equally pricey. This may not be a longterm daily skin cream for me, but it’s done wonders for the time being.

Each Sunday for the past six weeks I’ve used the Kérastase hair mask and my Clarisonic in the shower, then used a Clé de Peau hydrating mask when I stepped out. It’s a super hydrating routine for my hair and skin, which by the way, are both naturally oily. All of these products are gentle, non-greasy and I’ve noticed a huge difference.

Between shampooing during the weeks, I use a tiny bit of Moroccan Oil on the tips of my hair to keep it from drying out. I also take Maxi-Hair each day, which is simply just a TON of vitamins that aid with both skin and hair health. I buy it from Whole Foods nearby, but you can purchase it on Amazon as well.

Per a recommendation, I recently had my first facial at The Face Place and would definitely recommend it if. My skin was truly glowing after!

The Moroccan Oil and hair mask have been part of my routine in the past, though more on a 6-8 week basis with the hair mask, which I’ve found sufficient on a normal basis. If you’ve got to do some damage repair fast, these products definitely do the trick and while a little pricey, they are much cheaper than spa treatments!

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