Classic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Less than three weeks! It’s wedding season and mine is just around the corner, and I’m switching between excited, stressed and nervous, though mostly excited! One thing I’ve learned is that it’s easy to get carried away with this whole wedding planning ordeal, but it’s best to narrow down what’s most important to you, the bride (other than the obvious, like marrying the love of your life), and you and your groom, and then take it all in stride.

For me, the invitations were a big deal and I’m beyond thrilled with how they turned out, thanks to help from a few people, like Natalie Clarkson of Love Letters Calligraphy.

The invitation is one of the first things that sets the tone for the wedding and as someone who adores lettering, calligraphy and anything with a personal touch, suffice it to say the invitation mattered to me. I created a Pinterest board with some ideas of what I wanted and had the help of family friend who is a vendor for Arzberger Stationers to work on ordering and printing.



I knew I wanted a monogram that I could use throughout the wedding and my dear friend Lindsay, an extremely talented graphic designer, helped bring it to life. I couldn’t find a font I was quite satisfied with so on a recommendation, I worked with Natalie from Love Letters as she hand-scripted each line of the invitation. Lindsay brought it all to life in a layout before sending it on for printing.

My final touch was the envelopes, which I lined myself after Natalie calligraphed the addresses. I found a paper I liked and made a pattern using an extra envelope, and went to town with my X-acto knife and some double-sided tape! I recommend ordering from Paper Mojo, which ended up being cheaper than where I first found the paper in town. My pattern is Rossi Tuscan Print Paper – Intarsia in Blue but all of the Rossi papers are stunning.

I’ll be sharing a few more tidbits about my favorite parts of my wedding in the near future. If you need any calligraphy work, look up Natalie – she does beautiful work, fast and within a reasonable budget!

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