DIY Wedding Gift Boxes

I love to party plan and planning my wedding was no exception. It’s about the details! But those details can quickly add up in price and without a wedding planner, I was coordinating (with a lot of help from the moms and vendors!) the personal touches. Johnny and I knew that welcome gifts were a must for us, so I was on a mission to cut costs while still creating something personal to us. From that, came a DIY welcome project!

First, I will say that this did take some extra work, but I enjoyed it and the end result felt super special. There are some shortcuts you can take, assuming your budget allows and/or your creativity is a little lacking – one, you could have these made for you, either with a hired planner or personally hiring someone to do it for you, and second, there are kits available for purchase on Etsy, they just require filling. For me, the DIY project was much more fun and saved more of my budget for other things.

We ordered the boxes, ribbon and crinkle paper (for filler) from Paper Mart. You’ll want your container first, to make sure you can fit all of your goodies inside!

Next, figure out what you want to fill them with. Do a dry run with single items, to make sure everything fits, before purchasing in bulk. It’s usually a good idea to include a bottle of water, but certainly not mandatory. We opted for the mini bottles to save space for other items.

Get creative with what you put inside and make sure it reflects both of you. For us, it was a nod to our Texas and Louisiana heritage.

We included mini bottles of Tito’s vodka (Texas) with mixers to make a Bloody Mary, complete with mini bottles of Tabasco (Louisiana). Johnny has a reputation for making a mean Bloody, so the whole thing was fitting.

Spicy Cajun Crawtator Zapp’s potato chips, and Texas Two Step candies rounded out the mix. Mini Altoids were a lagniappe (that’s Cajun for “a little something extra”), and are needed after all that spice! Almost all of the items were ordered in bulk online, either from Amazon or directly from the company websites (like Tabasco).

As a final touch, I designed welcome cards and a graphic designer finessed them for printing, which was done on cardstock and a normal printer. The stickers on the ribbon are ready-to-print stickers from an office supply store. Instead of printing our wedding monogram, we had it made into a stamp, purchased from Etsy, and stamped the stickers.

All of this did require assembly on site, and before other guests arrived, which is certainly a detail to consider. However, we rallied our parents, and a couple other family members, and completed everything assembly line-style in about an hour or less!

None of this has to be very elaborate or expensive, and you certainly don’t have to include as much as we did. Be thoughtful about what you do choose and remember to omit or add things, as appropriate for certain guests (like no alcohol, as needed).

If your guests are traveling, they will appreciate the extra goodies and it helps set the tone of the wedding!

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