Summer G&T

Tomorrow is Fri-yay! And I know exactly what I’ll be sipping when the work day is done (and on my best Fridays, post yoga, too). This is my go-to cocktail, especially during the summer months. It’s my idea of the perfect G&T, and even many friends who aren’t usually a fan of the classic enjoy my take.

For starters, the gin AND the tonic matters. I was introduced to both Hendrick’s and Fever Tree during my days working in food and beverage, as we rolled out a cocktail menu for our restaurant brand. Hendrick’s is light and effervescent, with less bite than I taste with other gins. It has notes of rose and cucumber, is refreshing, and blends well with Texas heat. As a bonus, the beautiful bottle and label look nice, and might I add sophisticated, on any bar setup – cart or otherwise.

Fever Tree markets itself with the phrase, “If ¾ of your gin and tonic is tonic, mix with the best,” and I couldn’t agree more. Mixers are part of the drink and if you’re going to bother with selecting a label for your liquor, you should consider what you’re adding to it. Fever Tree Tonic Water has won tons of taste awards and makes a big difference in the overall balance of your drink. It’s perfectly crisp!

My final touch is a squeeze of grapefruit and a slice in the glass. Honestly, the slice is more for the decor, but I like to think it adds to the taste as the ice melts.

I’ve included a few of my favorite cocktail accessories, including our favorite cocktail glasses, citrus cutting boards (or great for casual coasters), adorable monogrammed linen coasters and swizzle sticks for that initial stir (similar).

So enjoy one this weekend…or start the weekend a little early today!

Summer G&T


  • 1 part Hendrick’s Gin
  • *2-3 parts Fever Tree Tonic (depending on your strength preference)
  • Squeeze of fresh grapefruit
  • A slice of fresh grapefruit for garnish

*I prefer the Naturally Light flavor, but there are other fun choices to explore!


Pour ingredients in order above over a full glass of ice. Mix and enjoy!


  1. What, no lime??? Not sure I can have a G&T w/o a lime. I do find your brands and grapefruit intriguing though so will have to try. 🙂

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