Blank Canvas Society is a lifestyle blog about leading a more enriched life. From food to travel, fitness and fashion, it’s exploring what life has to offer and balancing it all. Gluten-free, fitness fanatic and world traveler, I have a passion for making this big world so much smaller. Based in Dallas, Texas, it’s about how I am painting my canvas and helping you paint yours.

Email me at: Jessica@BlankCanvasSociety.com

About Jessica

Moving around growing up, my experiences shaped who I am and I love that I’m a Southern girl with an open mind, who is eager to trying new things and explore new places. I moved to Dallas in December 2010 and immediately started exploring my surroundings with the help of friends. Eventually others started asking me about the new restaurant in town or place for cocktails, and I realized that my blog was beginning to materialize.

I love art and would have once told you I would be an artist when I grew up (only amateur, as it turns out). But to me, art means so much – it’s about intentional strokes, colors and lines that create a bigger picture. And when you make mistakes, which you always will, painting over them and moving on. It’s about being able to adjust, refine and evolve.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I am gluten free and heavily limit dairy intake. You can read more about that here.

All opinions on this blog are my own, which you may not share. Though I may occasionally be invited to events, restaurants or provided with products, I only write about what I truly find to be fitting with my interests.