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Surf & Turf at Home

Johnny and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary this past weekend and instead of heading out to dinner, we decided to make one of our favorite meals in, restaurant-style filet mignon. This time around, Johnny surprised me and added surf to the plate as well with lobster tails. I’ve prepared filet several times this way now and I swear it is fool-proof, and better than the grill! We were surprised how easy the lobster tail […]

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Best Holiday Cookies (Gluten and Dairy Free!)

‘Tis the season for cookies, desserts and lots of indulgence! And if you have any sort of food sensitivity, this time of year can be extra stressful or rather disappointing when you realize all of the sweets you have to miss out on. Sure, there are a few exceptional bakeries out there, but most pre-made options are about as nice as eating sugarcoated cardboard and generally speaking almond flour and rice flour can be a little […]

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An Unwanted Food Journey

Update since originally posted: After a wonderful honeymoon in Italy, where I ate whatever I wanted (and loved it), I have eliminated all gluten from my diet. I feel tremendously better and can immediately tell when I have accidentally consumed wheat. It took a lot to get to this place and now almost a year later, I’ve finally come to terms with it and am much happier with food than I have been in some […]

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Stewed Veggies and Sweet Potato

I’ve been cooking at home a lot lately and while I’m neither a vegetarian nor vegan by any definition, the eating habits related to each are something I’m trying to stick to more regularly. Additionally, Johnny and I have frequented the farmer’s market and have been stocking up with veggies for the week.