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J.C. Holdway in Knoxville, Tennessee

I’ve grown up visiting family just outside of Knoxville, but spent very little time actually exploring the city, and even less time dining out there. (Because, really, why would I when we had Granny’s southern homecooking?!) So when we traveled to Knoxville recently for a family wedding, we stayed the night in town and explored the area, including a fantastic meal at J.C. Holdway. Joseph Lenn established himself as a legendary chef during the decade […]


Cartagena, Colombia

A few posts ago I shared our trip to Bogotá and from there, we went on to Cartagena for the main event, Lauren and Marce’s wedding! These two cities are so different from each other, one land-locked big city, and one coastal Caribbean town. Our first two nights were spent near the highrises and large-scale hotels dotting the coast. We enjoyed two more nights on Hilton Honors before moving into The Walled City for Friday […]

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amazing Amalfi Coast

This time last year, Johnny and I were touring Italy in post-wedding bliss, so it only seems appropriate to (finally) finish out my posts from our Italian honeymoon. Our final stop was the Amalfi Coast, where we stayed in Sorrento, but traveled around the coast to other cities during our stay. You can read about Venice and Florence as well, which we visited first. We LOVED our hotel, Villa Garden, and I would absolutely recommend it […]

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Get to Know Bogotá, Colombia

Some of our best friends, Lauren and Marcé, tied the knot in Cartagena, Colombia this past February, and Johnny and I extended the trip with a two-night stay in Bogotá on the way. Though it was a brief, we were able to make our way around a few major areas in the city and see some sights and enjoy the local flavors. First, I should start with YES, we felt very safe in both Bogotá […]

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Adventures in Florence, Italy

We could have spent weeks on end in Florence alone and never be bored! There is so much to do and see, not to mention eat! I’ll start from the beginning. We stayed at the most charming apartment-style hotel, Granduomo, right in the middle of everything. It’s an 18th-century home that has been renovated into boutique accommodations located directly across from the famed Duomo. We seriously felt like we could reach out and touch it! […]

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A Visit to Venice

Johnny and I had the most wonderful wedding and honeymoon, and still have stars in our eyes from both. I did the majority of the wedding planning (with help from my mother, his mother and vendors, of course), while Johnny led planning our honeymoon. Which, by the way, if you plan to do more of an “adventure” honeymoon versus an all-inclusive beach setting (which also seems like a fabulous idea), I completely recommend letting your […]

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New Loves in New Orleans

Happy Mardi Gras! It only seems appropriate that I choose Mardi Gras to share my most recent trip to New Orleans, even if it was a little more than a month ago now. Most of my trips back to the Crescent City these days focus on weddings, and this trip was no different, for Lauren and Will’s nuptials. Dinner was covered with wedding activities each night, but we took the chance to try some newer […]

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Nashville Blues

I grew up visiting the Nashville area, with relatives from both sides of the family living there, but it wasn’t until recent years that I really experienced what all Nashville has to offer – and I’ve only scratched the surface. This past December we visited for a wedding and made it to a few fantastic restaurants, per the recommendation of my local cousin, Jacy, and her husband, Chase, who share my passion for good food […]