Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amazing Amalfi Coast

This time last year, Johnny and I were touring Italy in post-wedding bliss, so it only seems appropriate to (finally) finish out my posts from our Italian honeymoon. Our final stop was the Amalfi Coast, where we stayed in Sorrento, but traveled around the coast to other cities during our stay. You can read about Venice and Florence as well, which we visited first. We LOVED our hotel, Villa Garden, and I would absolutely recommend it […]

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Adventures in Florence, Italy

We could have spent weeks on end in Florence alone and never be bored! There is so much to do and see, not to mention eat! I’ll start from the beginning. We stayed at the most charming apartment-style hotel, Granduomo, right in the middle of everything. It’s an 18th-century home that has been renovated into boutique accommodations located directly across from the famed Duomo. We seriously felt like we could reach out and touch it! […]

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A Visit to Venice

Johnny and I had the most wonderful wedding and honeymoon, and still have stars in our eyes from both. I did the majority of the wedding planning (with help from my mother, his mother and vendors, of course), while Johnny led planning our honeymoon. Which, by the way, if you plan to do more of an “adventure” honeymoon versus an all-inclusive beach setting (which also seems like a fabulous idea), I completely recommend letting your […]